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for social selling

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Win clients and generate more revenue.

GoggleCRM dashboard

Two things we promise you

That set us apart from other CRM systems.

Committed to small businesses

GoggleCRM isn't an offshoot of a larger product. It's not a lite version to lure you to upgrade in a month.

GoggleCRM is built by a small business to be the best CRM system for small businesses to you. No nonsense. When you succeed, we succeed.

Fair and square

There's no price per user. No upgrade path. We have one simple price, per month. You pay and you're running.

If you need help, we're here to help. No chatbots, no long queues. Just good old fashioned customer service via phone or email.

One flat price: £50 per month

There's no hidden costs in GoggleCRM. No cost for adding more team members or a limit on the number of contacts you can have.

Price listed is subject to taxes billed at the appropriate rate based on your location. All payments are collected securely each month via Stripe, our payment processor.

Words from real customers

Don't take just our word for how great GoggleCRM is.

Working with GoggleCRM has been great. It's saved no end of distractions normally associated with overcomplicated software.

Daryl M

GoggleCRM is easy to use and provides all the standard features you require without over complicating it.

Steven P

GoggleCRM has saved us plenty of time and made us far more efficient. It works well, it is really simple to operate and the support we receive, if necessary, is always very prompt and concise.

Roger C

Questions about GoggleCRM

1. Will GoggleCRM work on my device / behind my firewall?

GoggleCRM will work on any device including desktops, PCs, mobiles, tablets and so on. It's 100% web-based and will work anywhere there's an internet connection - even behind a firewall in your organisation. No software to install. You just get started.

2. How many team members / contacts / projects can I have in GoggleCRM?

Everything in GoggleCRM is unlimited. Upload as many files as you like, store as many contacts as you need, invite as many team members as you need. There's no extra charges that are applied - everything is within your monthly fee.

3. I'm not a tech whizz. What support is available?

We pride ourselves on support. It's what makes us better than massive CRM companies. You can email us or you can call us if you need help. You'll be speaking to real human beings (mainly Andy) when you get in touch and we're the people who run the business - so every question can be answered on the spot!

4. Is GoggleCRM safe?

Absolutely. We use DigitalOcean for our hosting and services: they're a global company who are extremely reliable and robust. We take daily backups of all of your data and files and store these backups away from our main servers so that in case of a disaster, we can recover your data promptly without interruption to you.

5. How do I import my existing contacts?

We've built a tool within GoggleCRM to import your existing contacts straight in from an Excel document / CSV file. It's really easy. If you get stuck, however, and need a hand then you can always get in touch.

6. I have another question

Send us a message below.